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The NUgene Project is a genomic biobank sponsored by the Center for Genetic Medicine at Northwestern University in partnership with Northwestern Medicine. NUgene collects and stores DNA samples and associated health information from patients at Northwestern Medicine-affiliated hospitals and clinics to be used by researchers to examine the role genes play in the development and treatment of common diseases. The health information collected is both self-reported and continuously obtained from the participants’ electronic medical record at Northwestern. The NUgene Project is IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved and compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). NUgene is committed to protecting the privacy of individual participants and the confidentiality of their data.

How Can The NUgene Project Help My Research?

With over 11,000 samples and data on Northwestern patients available to use in research, The NUgene Project can provide you with:

  • Identifying case and/or control samples in the NUgene Population to use for research
  • Data, from both the electronic health record and a self-reported health history questionnaire, on NUgene participants with or without accompanying DNA sample and/or genotyped data
  • Assisting with recruiting your patients for inclusion in the NUgene Project
  • Providing you with templated language about using NUgene samples to assist with IRB approval and/or grant submissions
  • Contacting NUgene participants for additional health information and/or to help recruit them for your study

The NUgene Project has collaborated with investigators both within Northwestern Medicine and with other research institutions across the country in genomic research projects. Accessing NUgene Project samples requires approvals from the NUgene Sample Advisory Committee and Northwestern University’s IRB. It is strongly recommended to speak with the Director of the NUgene Project, Maureen Smith, prior to an IRB submission to help incorporate the appropriate information NUgene into your proposal.

The NUgene Project offers the following services:

  • DNA samples, 1-5ug
  • Automated Liquid Handling
  • Automated Capping/Decapping
  • 2D Barcode Reader
  • Sample storage
  • DNA sample data
  • Genomic data analysis
  • Participant recontact

For more information about our service rates, please visit the Center for Genetic Medicine.

How You Can Access NUgene Samples

All investigators interested in utilizing the NUgene collection must obtain the following:

  1. IRB approval
  2. Written application to NUgene (available from the NUgene Project Director)
  3. Approval by NUgene's Sample Access Committee (SAC)
  4. Signed Memorandum of Understanding/Material Transfer Agreement which includes an agreement to acknowledge the NUgene Project in any research publications (available from the NUgene Project Director)

There is a charge for use of NUgene samples. This helps defray the costs of sample collection, preparation, and distribution.To determine if NUgene's samples are appropriate for your study, to discuss your study's goals, or to obtain forms and further information, please contact NUgene's Director at (312) 503-6211 or by email.


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